Contingent Mx supports Carmen Aristegui for her commitment for a free internet

Contingent Mx supports Carmen Aristegui for her commitment for a free internet.

The digital rights activist collective, Contingent Mx, makes a public statement related with the series of events that led to the dismissal by MVS of the respected mexican journalist, Carmen Aristegui, this March 15, 2015.

The MVS acts are a reliable sample of the persecution of independent voices in Mexico and the collusion of the owners of the media, and the political regime. The institutional harassment is particularly serious in those journalists who have documented step by step, the unexplained wealth, the political relations and the conflicts of interest, both of Enrique Peña Nieto president of Mexico and her wife, as many other related politicians of the government in turn.

On the pretext of unauthorized use the name of MVS, included on a wisthle blower web platform, the telecom company fired two Aristegui employees. At the next day Aristegui who demanded his reinstatement, receive a notification that MVS have unilaterally changed the rules of its employees. Gabriel Sosa Plata audiences Ombudsman said that those new conditions where “unacceptable professional dignity”. Finally arguing that the conditions and ultimatum by Aristegui were not acceptable, the company ended the relationship with journalist Sunday and the program was not broadcast today.


Contingent Mx does not overlook that the Aristegui program was the first that gave space to the cases of persecution and imprisonment for digital activists in Mexico, as were Maruchi Bravo and Gilberto Martínez, called “Twitter Terrorists” in Veracruz and Mario Flores in Mexico City. In his news ACTA treaty and its implications for internet were discussed.

The coverage of his team before the crackdown on protests over the election of Enrique Peña Nieto since 2012 until recent political imprisonment of young activists has been permanent. His analysis of what is discussed in social networks every week, takes the pulse of digital and alternative debates extending than conventional opinion. It was among the first journalists to take seriously the threat to freedom online that spam and bots represents in social networks.
Carmen Aristegui and his team covered, as no other journalistic space, citizen voices that advocate a free internet in the reform of telecommunications in Mexico and its program was established in essential place for dialogue and democratic debate.

By closing the program of Carmen Aristegui the company send a message of power.  The journalistic investigation of presidential abuses and hence corruption of the political system is punish and silenced. Without saying so, albeit by other forceful, they propose that political obedience must be the rule of opinion.

Against this the Contingent Mx, reiterates its solidarity with Carmen Aristegui and his team. We will intensify our support in social networks and through our partnerships with groups and organizations around the world and we will support and attend the demonstrations and protests against this act of censorship.

Finally we call the whole society to express their rejection in any way they find, whether taking actions citizen boycott against the company or its subsidiaries, intensifying its activity in social networks and / or placing visible symbols of solidarity in their social networks or on the street.


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Soy defensor de derechos humanos, entusiasta de los efectos transformadores de las tecnologías de la comunicación. Desde hace años he decidido unir mi voluntad a quienes luchan contra la corrupción, la violencia y la impunidad. Integro desde 2010 los colectivos de activistas digitales Contingente Mx y Enjambre Digital. Colaboro como Senior Lawyer en New Media Advocacy Project. En 2014 fui nombrado junto con otros activistas como "Héroe de los Derechos Humanos y las Comunicaciones" por la organización internacional Access Now. Escribo columnas periodísticas sobre derechos humanos en los portales digitales SinEmbargo Mx y Vice México. Abogado por la Universidad Iberoamericana, Maestro en Humanidades y estudios de Doctorado en Derechos Fundamentales por la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. En 2008 obtuve la medalla al mérito por la Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana. De forma voluntaria represento y defiendo jurídicamente a periodistas y defensores de derechos humanos amenazados, y dedico tiempo a aportar defensa legal al albergue de migrantes La 72 en Tenosique, Tabasco. Me gusta transportarme en bici, usar la foto y el video para las causas sociales, ir al cine, comer en fondas y nadar en el Mar de Cortés.


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