Internet Day in Mexico, Nothing to Celebrate. (Contingente Mx Press Release).

PRESS RELEASE: ContingenteMx spanish version.


 May 17th, 2015. Mexico City.

Promoted by international organizations every May 17th, several countries celebrates  “The Internet Day”. From civil society we say that, related to Mexico public policy on Internet, there is nothing to celebrate.

In 2013 different social organizations achieve a small victory with the inclusion of the word Internet in the Constitution via telecommunications reform.  The word internet and it concept was not originally included in the presidential initiative.

Despite that, the current Congress, has not ruled and will probably do, the first citizens’ initiative at the federal level delivered by our organizations on February 22, 2013, which proposed a constitutional reform and legislation to ensure “Free Internet for All”.

Far from it, the legislature in the transitory articles of the 2014 telecomm reform, diluted the goverment obligations of guarantee the right of access to Internet, passing from specific provisions, to a general programs. Although the National Digital Strategy and the Mexico Connected program, our country is in the worst places of OECD ranks, of Internet access and in quality related service.

This policy does not see the people as subjects of fundamental rights and does not establish clear goals, and specific responsibles. Even the actual government does not committ to a schedule goals.

In contrast the 2014 amendment to the Telecommunications Law endangers Internet freedom, by providing to a broad set of authorities, the possibility of wiretap not only private communications, but the access to a sensitive personal information about people gathered by telecom providers, without authorization or court supervision. Also the authorities are free to act without any accountability process. Also the government is a an accelerated process of classifying public information, the greatest of all governments in the history of Mexico, for “national security reasons”. That process allow them to act in a full opacity, and run a telecomm surveillance system with  billionaire budgets.

Nearlly three years of Pena Nieto’s government the people access to internet has stalled while the cases of polictical prision, censorship, Web site attacks, and other sophisticated actions of all governments  increasingly making Internet a less safer and open.

Social media censorship, blocking a domain name , attacks on independent websites, and sophisticated and violent strategies against journalists, as the recent case of Rossana Reguillo , are the marks of this government and its local partners to increase torque intervention buying of technology and Internet surveillance .

In this context we denounce the double standards while we make the commitment to promote free online architectures, to develop and promote proposals consistent with the freedoms and to accompany processes that builds a genuinely free internet.



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